Summer, sun, snowboarding – Mr. Snow invites you to the coolest event in the region

Event with Mr.Snow

Ski Rampe mit Textilem Schnee

Winter is already over weigh too long! Getting sun tanned at the lake is boring, skating is always on, wake park and ski hall are crowded, glaciers are far away and just hanging out is also monotonous.

So on to Augustusburg!!

On the 19th of July 2015 the SHRED & GRILL is taking place.

Ski slope and lift track are well prepared. There is also a small Jibsetup with different boxes and rails.
Grilled snacks and cool drinks are provided by the Rost’s-Wiesen team. Test material from mushroom productions and Silbaerg is also available.


START: 15:00
BEST LINE: 17:00
BBQ: 18:00

supported by:
silbaerg Snowboards
mushroom productions
Red Bull

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