Mr. Snow keeps you from the time-consuming snow-making, the staff from constant shoveling and your customer from waiting in the queue. Instead, the functionality of your lift operation is safed throughout the season.

The installation of textile snow requires only a small number of modules, but ensures the highest efficiency for your company. The track, as well as embarking areas remain permanently top prepared.


Our products:

Your benefits:

Whether you decide for a durable or mobile version of Mr. Snow – stay in the fast lane all season!

in lifts and exit areas or in the lift lane

  • Information-function at the lift entrance

  • covers reeled out spots in the track protects the ski surface

  • no braking effect when passing from snow to mat to snow

  • reduces the risk of accidents

  • durable, robust material that stands even peak times

  • less downtime due to grooming the track

  • reduction of operating costs (no watering or waxing)

  • permanent functionality of the lift operation






With Mr. Snow, your ski school will no longer be exposed to Peter’s moods and can guarantee even the smallest ski bunny a slide.

The sliding and cornering capabilities of the artificial snow is also suitable for inexperienced skiers and easy controllable. Mr. Snow is located on both sides of the magic carpet, at entry or exit areas or on the entire ski school slope.

By the way, pssst …! Before the launch, Mr. Snow was tested by ski school instructors. Their conclusion: Mr. Snow offers an excellent alternative to real snow and the snow cannon.

Just give your customers a ski school guarantee or start a brand new summer ski school. Whether in the low mountain range or in the city – Mr. Snow now also makes hillside locations under 500m above sea level the ideal place for your teaching.



Your benefits:

  • install modules extensive on the slope or on both sides of the magic carpet

  • provide a ski school guarantee for your customers

  • best sliding characteristics for beginners

  • low risk of injury in falls

  • Extend the ski school season

  • or develop a completely new summer ski school area




With Mr. Snow, the adrenaline rush is not only on the slope – but also in the fun park. Freetime – freestyler and professional backflip artists jump and flip with the help of the textile snow what keeps the stuff.

A major plus is the structure of the synthetic material which guarantees good grip with all fun sports equipment. As a result, skis and snowboards can be controlled as usual and there are no rail effects. Mr. Snow is suitable to cover all funpark elements, such as tables, boxes, but also kickers and straight jumps.

Besides the slope, the snow carpet makes high flights, daring jumps and soft landings also possible somewhere else. Various theme parks already use textile snow and have equipped their run-up ramps in water parks with Mr. Snow. Because even water skis and wakeboards need to be treated with care.

Your benefits:

  • suitable for start ramps and various funpark elements (tables, boxes, kickers etc.)

  • optimized controllability of all sports equipment

  • no rail effect or tilting

  • can also be used for water skiing and wakeboarding