Beeing successful in nordic sports requires a lot of discipline, tireless stamina and a lot of practice. Finding a real-world equivalent for training on real snow is often difficult in summer. Mr. Snow’s cross country trail is close!

With the textile snow substitute we provide your athletes a professional, performance-related training – local and all year round. With our products we cover the complete Nordic winter sports range.

The special structure of the mats ensures an excellent sliding behavior of the skis, comparable to that on real snow. The trail modules are already equipped with a finished track. On climbs, the equipment grips straight, on levels you have a good repulsive force. This way, hills and valleys can be built into the training course and the level of difficulty can vary.

With Mr. Snow the track is always perfectly groomed – in all weather conditions. The textile snow never melts and is robust against the steel edges of various winter sports equipment.

Your benefits

  • available as a textile trail or skating route

  • combination with biathlon elements possible

  • local, weather-independent training

  • ready-prepared track

  • without additional operating costs such as watering or waxing

  • simple and fast installation

  • as a permanent or mobile solution

  • local research for junior sportsmen

  • also as an event opportunity





For the training of the correct cross-country technique, the textile mats can also be used in the gym and in the studio. They can easily be rolled out and connected to a mobile training track. Repulsive force, sliding and motion sequence can be realized with real ski material under best control – perfect for a detailed video analysis. The flexibility and professionalism have no limits.

The textile snow as a sliding mat is also suitable for schools and kindergartens to enable children to enter the sport, to strengthen coordinative skills or just to improve their fitness.

Mr. Snow offers a high winter simulation for experienced and less experienced cross-country skiers. For beginners, the material allows learning techniques. The arrangement of the synthetic fibers provides the best edge hold and, at the same time, best sliding properties, so that smooth movements are possible.

The textile cross-country ski track retains its excellent sliding properties without additional operating costs such as irrigation, waxing or grooming. The wax on the ski, of course, is not wasted.

Your benefits:

  • Realistic training
  • high winter simulation when learning the technique
  • permanent or mobile installations
  • installation and easy connection of the elements
  • suitable for skating, classical cross-country skiing and biathlon
  • allows entry into the sport at school
  • also as an event opportunity
  • video analysis



It’s cold outside, the frozen snow glistens in the sun and the ski slide smoothly through the trail. Nordic sports support holistic well-being and health.

Mr. Snow makes the wellness feeling possible all year round. Therefore the company has developed a running simulator. The device allows a perfect course of movements and also promotes strength, endurance and coordination.

All of Mr. Snow’s products are highly modified to the athlete’s musculoskeletal system, allowing a dynamic motion gentle to the joints like on real snow.

Depending on the operating grade, textile snow stays on the track from five till ten years.