Mr. Snow on TV

Klappe die Erste: Mit Mr. Snow


Recently, the time had come: the eagerly awaited general elections took place in Germany. Of course, we also congratulate Angela Merkel and the Christian Democratic Union to their electoral success. In preparation for the elections, the Swiss television SRF broadcasted a four-part series about Germany in the news magazine “10vor10”. Mr. Snow was part of it. The topic was the Start Up scene in East Germany.

Mr. Snow founder Jens Reindl met with the camera team at the TU Chemnitz, where the textile snow has its roots. Both Jens and his two longtime colleagues Arndt Schumann and Felix Neubert studied at the university. The Mr. Snow ltd was originally born out of a research project with the university. Afterwards the team went straight heart of the company: In the production hall. Here the snow substitute is produced on specially converted looms. In addition, part of the filming was: A 30m long, textile tubing track.

But also the founding network Jakobspassage and the Start Up NAVENTIK were portrayed in the program.

 For those who missed the episode on September 15 in the SRF, here is the link again.