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Make way!! For the toboggan tires and the textile toboggan run by Mr. Snow. With diverse tracks and built-in obstacles, such as curves, waves and jumps, you can offer your customers a varying sliding fun. No matter if mogul or rocking field, you decide for yourself. Mr. Snow offers a great fun factor for both: children and adults. The road boundary is provided by Mr. Snow, so everything runs smoothly.

Everyone becomes a sled-tomboy with Mr. Snow. Thanks to the optimal sliding capacities, as on real snow, rapid descents are possible. The tire accelerates until the lugers’ hearts beat faster and the wind whistles around the tip of the nose. In addition, the support surface can be waxed from below to increase the driving speed even further. Hold tight! Are you ready for snow down?

The advantage of textile snow is that it never melts! The material is reliably useable in all weather and geographical locations. Thanks to its dirt and water-repellent surface, the synthetic fiber stays clean for a long time and slip fun is guaranteed. Depending on the capacity even for 5-10 years.

Your benefits:

  • various tracks
  • individual track lengths
  • with curves, waves and jumps for giant slides or rocking
  • high speed, high security
  • with gang, lane guidance or roadway separation
  • saves triple operating costs: watering, waxing and time
  • operating warranty
  • as a permanent or mobile opportunity





If the snow is missing, Mr. Snow is also available as a complete toboggan slope. The 20sqm modules can be easily connected to the large-area runway. This means that the lift will run in the summer and your guests will get a lively alternative to the winterfun. Friends, family or the company jet down the descent as a chain or in a race together. As soon as the first toboggan is on the slope, there is no stop. And if it gets faster – no problem! Hardly any material is as safe as Mr. Snow. The air-filled tubes and the rounded surface of our textile snow reduce the risk of injury. So you and your guests can enjoy carefree fun on the slopes.

Who is the first down? The fast-paced slide is not only fun for kids! A small competition spirit is in every one. Fortunately, it has never gone down the hill so fast, as with Mr. Snow. The textile solpe convinces with a low coefficient of friction and best handling, just like on real snow. Additional waxing or watering of the artificial snow is not necessary.

The snow carpet can do a good job! It is robust and useable with all winter sports equipment. Most sustainable for the material are the tubing tires produced by Mr. Snow. But even with the good old sled’s you can go down the descent. The steel edges can not harm the durable synthetic fiber.




Have not yet had the right idea how to promote your company strikingly? The mobile toboggan run is available as an exclusive marketing concept for your event or as a guest magnet on the catering hotspot. The textile snow ensures the attention of the guests and invites them to extended descents. Just bring the winter to the fair and the mountains on the flat marketplace and offer your guests the a portion of winter fun. They will thank you. Thanks to the rounded surface even naked sledding is possible!

Mr. Snow gives it permanent or mobile variant for your use. It does not matter if you always want to have the winter right outside your door or just snow it for a few hours at your event. Mr. Snow realizes individual projects. For short-term needs, the textile snow can also be rented as a complete package with ramp. Get information here.

Your benefits:

  • exclusive event concept for image or sales promotion

  • Guest magnet at gastronomy points

  • permanently or mobile installable

  • dimensions of the ramp individually scalable

  • available as rental opportunity from Mr. Snow

  • simply build up by us

  • saves triple operating costs: water, waxing or time

  • high speed, high security

  • air-filled tire tube prevents collisions

  • rounded surface of the synthetic fiber reduces the risk of injury, even naked sledding is possible